Length 14.6 km
Time needed
Time needed 03:20
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 9 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 10 %
Average slope of the ascent: 3 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 1.10 km
The lowest point of the route: 382 m
The highest point of the route: 296 m
Difference in altitude: 234 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 3266 kJ (780 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 2680 kJ (640 kcal)
Difficulty: Medium demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Macadam
Primerna obutev: Not relevant
Short description

As a very young town Domžale hasn't got an old town centre, but it has the beautiful Green Axis along the Kamniška Bistrica River. The axis runs from Študa – the southern part of Domžale – to the northern foothills of Homec Hill. The Green Axis is lively and full of people from dawn till dusk. Your trip can become very interesting if you add a climb to Homec Hill, which offers beautiful views, and visit the forest educational path on Šumberk Hill.


Domžale –Količevo – Radomlje – Homec– Radomlje - Količevo –Šumberk – Domžale

Start in the sports park
The route starts at Domžale Sports Park , where there is a plenty of parking space. Below the road which crosses the Kamniška Bistrica River, take the Green Axis – a segregated facility for cyclists and pedestrians along the Kamniška Bistrica. Turn northwards. The path is laid down on the left and right banks of the river , but not along the entire course of the river. Anyways, it is hard to get lost on this path, but it is easy to get off the described route.

Four bridges
Walk against the water current along a sandy, well maintained path until the first bridge . On the other side is Šumberk Hill – it is to Domžale what Tivoli Park is to Ljubljana – and the confluence of the Rača and the Kamniška Bistrica rivers . You will see an outdoor gym on your left . Markings of the distance from the bridge near the Sports Park are put along the path. In general, there are plenty of spots along the path where you can have a rest . You will soon come to a linden tree alley, which was planted in 1980 to commemorate the death of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz - Tito. The next concrete bridge is also reserved only for pedestrians and cyclists . It is nicely supplemented with two entry roundabouts . Continue your walk along the tree alley. Educational boards with topics related to the river are set up along the path. The third bridge is a traffic bridge , which is why pedestrian underpasses were made on both sides . The fourth bridge is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. Cross it to get to the left bank of the Kamniška Bistrica , .

On the left bank
A little bit ahead is a board presenting the entire course of the Kamniška Bistrica. On the right, the bell tower of the modern Church of St. Joseph rises above the roofs. Tree alleys follow the path , while the banks of the developed river channel are slowly being overgrown . You will soon get to another outdoor gym and tennis courts . A lots of barrages have been constructed on the river to prevent it from flooding in time of high waters . The next bridge is an industrial bridge with railway tracks . On the right is the Količevo karton cardboard factory . The remainder of the route is somewhat away from the river, while it still follows its course.

Towards Radomlje
From the bridge in Radomlje , there is only a couple of tens of metres to the roundabout with millstones , which speak of the village's milling tradition. In Pri Šporn Inn you can quench your thirst on the outdoor terrace . Standing on the other side of the road is the only operable mill in Radomlje – Kralj Mill . The milling machines are electricity-powered, so the mill is no longer dependent on water. Continue the hike along the left bank. In the distance, you can see the church bell tower in the village of Homec, rising above the tree tops . Again cross the Kamniška Bistrica at the next bridge . On the eastern side of Homec Hill you will come to the dam which supplies the Homska Mlinščica Stream . A new bridge stands a little bit ahead, from where it takes only a five-minute walk to get to Volčji Potok Arboretum.

Onto Homec Hill
Circle Homec Hill and start climbing towards the top past the crucifix along a steep hardened path . Pilgrims' trails are usually steep, which is good for penance. At the stone chapel turn towards the Church of the Nativity of Mary , from where once there was a beautiful view, while only forest can be seen today . Turn around and descend past the Pirnat Villa , designed by Jože Plečnik, to the plateau with the chapel . First go on the right side past the chapel and through the forest to the house . Go down the stairs and descend to the road . Return across the Homška Mlinščica Stream to the path going along the Kamniška Bistrica. This concludes the Homec Circle .

Šumberk at the end
Return along the same path to the first bridge you crossed at the beginning of the hike . An info board about the Šumberk forest educational path is on the right. Cross the river, go past the monument and you will get to Pot pod hribom Street. The start of the forest educational path , a sort of an open-air classroom, is in front of the houses. A little red fox will take you to the trip and show you various species of trees, plants and animals, and you can also pick fruit and nuts and collect leaves. The circular educational path has fourteen educational points and crosses paths with a fitness trail. At point 5, there is an observation point with a view of the Green Axis . Point 8 takes you to the "Dwarf's Land" . If you look around carefully, you will return richer with a new and surprising experience. When you return from the forest, take the same path to return to the starting point.


The Kamniška Bistrica
The Kamniška Bistrica River used to change its course up to 200 metres in width, and it was finally regulated in 1970 . The bridge over the river in Vir was 132 metres long even after the Second World War. The river has a distinctively torrential character, as its highest water level can be 240 times higher than the lowest. Water levels are highest in spring and autumn, and lowest in winter and summer. In the summer of 2008, the riverbed in Količevo went completely dry for a couple of days for the first time ever because of the low water level, takeaways by millraces and the leakage into the ground.

Homška Mlinščica
The Homška Mlinščica is a millrace/canal which takes away water from the Kamniška Bistrica. The Homec Mlinščica was first mentioned in 1674. It is supplied with water from the dam under Homec Hill . It runs through Domžale and after ten kilometres flows back into the Kamniška Bistrica near Mala Loka. It was expanded before the First World War, and earlier it was so narrow that children could easily jump over it. A part of the millrace in Domžale runs through pipes. Hundred years ago, it powered at least sixteen mills, six sawmills and two smithies. Water-powered devices used to stand along its course every 250 metres. Today the millrace powers only a couple of small power generators.

Volčji Potok Arboterum (0.5 km)
The biggest arboretum in Slovenia grew from a small park in somewhat more than a hundred years. (arboretum is a collection of trees and shrubs.) Around 3,500 species of plants grow there on more than 80 hectares of land. The arboretum is the most beautiful in spring, when two million tulips are in full bloom .

Church of the Nativity of Mary on Homec Hill
Between 1722 and 1728, a new Baroque church was build instead of the old chapel . The construction was entrusted to famous master Gregor Maček. A magnificent, 17-metre dome rises above the central part of the church. During the Turkish invasions, a strongly fortified camp stood on Homec. The current bell tower, which stands independently by the church, served as a defensive tower. The church was badly damaged by the 1895 earthquake. During the repair works on the bell tower, the onion shaped roof was replaced by a spire, which now protrudes from the forest on Homec .

Šumberk forest educational path
The circular path is 1.8 km long. The first part of the path runs on limy surface, which together with the water creates interesting karst features. In the final part, when the surface of the path turns into siliceous stone and rock, the path is surrounded by bilberry shrubs. There are fourteen marked points along the path . A little red fox will show you the way .


Pri Špornu Hotel and Restaurant, Radomlje
In the restaurant, you will be served dishes which follow modern culinary trends and which are always in harmony with the current season and crops it brings.

Juvan Inn, Domžale (1km)
Juvan Inn will satisfy every taste. The offering is rich, and the staff will gladly offer their advice. Dishes are prepared very quickly and the size of portions is just right.


How Homec became a pilgrimage spot?
The legend says that one day in 1419 a shepherd was tending his sheep on the hill where the church stands today. As the evening approached, he dozed off. In his dream, he saw a bright light and heard angel-like voices sing. Then in the strange light, Mary presented herself with the baby Jesus in her arms. The shepherd woke up and beside himself with fear, drove the sheep back home. He was so overwhelmed with the event, that he told others about what he dreamt that evening. The people believed him and erected a chapel with an altar, dedicated to Mary, on the hill. The story about the little shepherd's miraculous dream was spread far and wide. Pilgrims and curious people started visiting the place. This is how Homec became one of the most famous pilgrimage spots in Carniola.


France Bernik Culture House in Domžale offers a rich programme of events and exhibitions every year. More at

The traditional cross-country race on Šumberk Hill takes place on 28 May.
Volčji Potok Arboretum organises exhibitions with various topics - ranging from trees, shrubs and flowers to animals. It also organises various events for visitors of all age groups. The programme is available at


The route mainly goes on a well-maintained macadam path, only the educational path runs through the forest.