Length 13.9 km
Time needed
Time needed 03:30
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 7 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 7 %
Average slope of the ascent: 8 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 5.80 km
The lowest point of the route: 683 m
The highest point of the route: 283 m
Difference in altitude: 722 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 3429 kJ (819 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 2814 kJ (672 kcal)
Difficulty: Demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Primerna obutev: Hiking boots
Short description

A diverse trail, just a stone's throw away from Ljubljana. It is interesting in all seasons, especially in autumn when hills and valleys become colourful and you can pick chestnuts along the way and try home-grown fruit on the farms. Some ascents are quite steep, but otherwise a great part of the route winds along ridges where your legs can relax. The views which surprise you around the corner or from the forest are impressive. The return to the starting point is envisaged along the same route; however, you tired legs can jump on the bus to the valley which runs only on weekdays.


Sostro – Sadinja vas – Češnjica – Zagradišče – Javor – (Ravno Brdo) – Mali Vrh pri Prežganju

From Sostro around Babna gora Hill...
Chestnut Hiking Trail starts at the final bus stop of the line No. 13 in Sostro.If you arrive by car, park it at the car park between the Church of St Leonard and the Pri Kovaču Inn . At the starting point, look at the panorama board for orientation – in the first part, you will take a few different turns, but otherwise you will follow the sign boards throughout in the direction of Mali vrh . Start walking in the direction of Sadinja vas, past the Pri Kovaču Inn and then turn left after 450 m from the main road towards Češnjica. The narrow asphalt road slightly ascends – first past the houses, and after you leave Sadinja vas, through the forest and then across fields past the orchards. Before the village of Češnjica, a chapel greets you , . In the village, you can turn to Mrkotovc and Snopičar farms or continue to the left through the village . The homesteads along the route are part of the Fruit Road between Javor and Janče and are marked by sign boards. Before Zagradišče, you can rest on the bench in the shade of trees and quench your thirst at the water hole – the source of drinking water . At the end of Zagradišče, the asphalt turns into a macadam path along the top of the ridge , where views of the Ljubljana Basin open up to the left. Past the orchards and the last farms of Zagradišče, you arrive to the foot of Babna gora which you encircle through the forest along the western side - follow the sign boards that direct you to the left .

...over the ridge of Javorski vrh past Javor...
When you get to the asphalt road, follow the signs for Chestnut Hiking Trail and turn right up the hill . At first, the road is steep and runs through the forest; you will occasionally see parked cars by the road. Chestnut and mushroom pickers. You can also bring a basket with you if you are tempted to turn off the route. Somewhat higher, when you are already warmed up by the ascend and you leave the forest behind, the road flattens a bit and winds along the ridge of Javorski vrh past hamlets and individual farms in shorter and flatter ascends and descends. Chestnut Hiking Trail leads past the Centre of the Amateur Radio Operators below Žagarjev vrh . The centre is not constantly open but you can still take a short rest on the benches in front of it. After passing the chapel (right along the main road) and ascending around the corner, a view of the Church of St Anne in the centre of Javor opens up .
After approximately 600 metres, the road narrows and starts to steeply descend towards the centre of the village of Javor. Turn sharply left on the non-priority road at the junction before the village , which is also marked by a board for Chestnut Hiking Trail. At the next junction, turn right on the macadam road which ascends into the forest towards Ravno Brdo .

...and along the ridge to the destination of Mali Vrh
The road at first steeply winds uphill , crosses the clearing and again disappears into the forest in a left turn. After 100 metres, a narrow forest trail branches off to the right ; follow it all the way to Mali Vrh.
The route to Mali Vrh runs along the ridge below the peaks of Teličar, Križatec, Breznica and Kolišče. It is pleasantly varied and well-compacted; your tired legs can rest there. It runs through the forest which is lighter in some parts; it even opens up into a clearing for a few steps . You will also meet cyclists on your way due to the cycling routes which run in this direction. Signs for Chestnut Hiking Trail, the direction of Mali Vrh , can help you with the orientation. Along this 3 km long section of the route through the forest, which will take you 40 minutes, you can fill up your basket with some chestnuts and admire various species of mushrooms. Watch out, some of them are toxic! ,
Below the last peak on the ridge, you start to descend, encircle the clearing and gather some strength to ascend steeply under Kržareja Hill through the forest in two smaller and one sharp left turn. When you arrive to the destination at the end of the forest, the first houses of Mali Vrh will greet you .

The return is planned along the same route; however, if you have some strength left, you can go into the village, to the Kamnikar homestead. You might have arranged transport home and someone will be waiting for you at the farm with a car and take you back into the valley.
1 km of the route separates you from the Kamnikar homestead; the route is macadam at first and ascends through the forest, then it starts to descend as a field path between orchards and farms into the village where it becomes asphalt. A wide and scenic view of the hills above the Besnica and the settlements of Volavlje, Prežganje and Trebeljevo opens up from the path. The church in Prežganje dominates above the mosaic of forests, arable lands and orchards .

The scattered settlement where the pulse of modern times is present, although there are some outbuildings and features from our predecessors' times.

There is a renovated former watering place at the beginning of the village, where it is also possible to rest.

The settlement is scattered on the slopes of Javorski vrh and includes several hamlets. It was first mentioned in 1252 and the Church of St. Anne in 1526. The present church was built in the early 20th century .

Mali Vrh forest and natural science educational path
The path starts at the Kamnikar Tourist Farm. It runs along part of the route which encircles the hamlet of Mali Vrh pri Prežganju. It returns to the Kamnikar Tourist Farm in a circle. You can recognize the path by the sign of a smiling mushroom. The path takes visitors along grasslands, cleared woodlands and forests. The emphasis is on learning about the structure and life of forest and functioning of nature. It is complete with fifteen content and eight information boards which accompany individual concrete phenomena in nature. The path is designed as an open-air book; you can visit it by yourself, without professional guidance, but you may also attend the organised guidance.
Info: Zavod za gozdove Slovenije (Slovenian Forest Service), Regional Office of Ljubljana, Tržaška 2, 1000 Ljubljana
tel: (01) 241 06 00

Tourist Farms
You will go past several tourist farms which are included in the offer of the Fruit Road between Javor and Janče. If not specified otherwise, you have to notify the visit in advance at all the farms.

Kamnikar Homestead
The route can be concluded at the Kamnikar Farm, Mali Vrh 3. You can see their domestic animals, visit the collection of old farm tools and try their seasonal house dishes. Tel: (01) 366 90 23

Mrkotovc Homestead
Češnjica 9. They offer strawberries, cherries, peaches, apples, pears, plums. Tel: (01) 542 97 84

Snopičar Homestead
Češnjica 14. They offer cherries, strawberries, pears, plums, apples and vegetable. Tel: (01) 542 97 54

Chestnut Sunday and Chestnut Hiking Trail
Chestnut Sunday takes place on the first, second and third Sunday of October in Janče. You can try home-made delicacies from a wide culinary offer, roasted chestnuts, freshly squeezed apple juice and desserts. Moreover, you can take a look at the display of spirit distilling and other farm chores. The event is accompanied by entertainment programme.
The Chestnut Hiking Trail traditionally takes place every second Sunday of October. More information is available at Kamnikar Tourist Farm in Mali Vrh.

Half of the route runs along asphalt roads where you need to be careful. The road is somewhat narrower and poorly visible due to the bends at the ascent towards Češnjica and at the descent towards the village of Javor. The second part of the route runs along macadam and forest roads. Use hiking poles for easier walking.
On weekdays you can return to the valley by city bus No. 29 which stops on the regional road Besnica–Litija at Veliko Trebeljevo. The bus does not run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; it does not run frequently on weekdays, so you should properly plan your journey and check the timetable in advance. The distance between the end of Chestnut Hiking Trail to the bus stop is just over 2 km. The bus can drop you off in Sostro at the junction of Sostrska and Litijska roads from where it takes 10 minutes to get to your car. You can also change to the bus No. 13 which takes you to the centre of Ljubljana.