Length 29.4 km
Time needed
Time needed 09:30
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 11 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 9 %
Average slope of the ascent: 9 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 9.50 km
The lowest point of the route: 283 m
The highest point of the route: 787 m
Difference in altitude: 1259 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 9307 kJ (2223 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 7637 kJ (1824 kcal)
Difficulty: Medium demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Primerna obutev: Hiking boots
Short description

If setting out from Ljubljana to where the morning sun invites, you are about to come across the undulating hiking trail already behind the first hill. It is interesting in all seasons, especially in the autumn when the chestnut can be picked and home-grown fruit can be tasted at the farms along the route. The route is suitable for everyone and is challenging mostly due to its length. Walk the land on the both sides of Sadna cesta (Fruit Road) between Javor and Janče, you will not regret it.


Sostro – Češnjica – Zagradišče – dolina potoka Besnice – Vnajnarje – Janče –Volavlje – Javor – Zagradišče – Češnjica –Sostro

From Sostro to Sadna cesta (Fruit Road)
The route begins at the car park between the Church of St. Leonard , and Pri Kovaču Inn [S01 in direction of the Sadinja village. At the last stop of the city bus nr. 13, Kostanjeva pot (Chestnut Hiking Trail) , begins which ends at Mali vrh pri Prežganju. The road runs on the same route until the Besniška pot junction. Seventy metres from the inn, turn left from the main road . Just before the last house, turn to the forest path. The shade of the trees gives an immediate feeling of freshness. Turn right to the narrower road at the first crossroads. Through the chestnut wood, ascend the southern slope of the Tablar Hill (387 m) to the main road below the Češnjica village . The path continues along the asphalt amidst orchards. Then the chapel greets you . The left side offers a view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps peaks . In the Češnjica village, it is possible to stop by the Mrkotovc and Snopičar Farms . Continue through the village which gives an impression of returning to the times of our grandmothers , . At the beginning of Zagradišče, it is possible to rest on the benches at the water hole - the source of drinking water. Past the orchards and farms, the macadam road leads to the foot of Babna gora Hill, which can be circled along the west side through a pleasant shady forest. When approaching the asphalt road, the path already ascends and you are warmed-up. But this is only the beginning. The route diverges from Kostanjeva pot, so a turn left to the asphalt Sadna cesta is necessary. This is also the spot where the circular route finishes .

Besnica valley and Vnajnarje
Descend to the saddle and at the Pečar settlement turn right towards Besnica to make a descent in the valley . At the end of the macadam road , almost in the valley, turn left, and at the next crossroads 150 metres on, take the left again to the asphalt local road that runs along the Besnica valley. After 400 metres, turn right to the asphalt road and ascend towards Vnajnarje . Anderjac Farm offers a place to rest. More than 200 metres after the farm turn left from Sadna cesta to the macadam path. Below the crossroads, a nicely arranged landslide can be seen . Just little further, the second thematic route along these hills awaits – Borovničeva pot (Blueberry Hiking Trail) - running from Podgrad to Janče. Proceed on this route towards Janče . Descend into the forest and cycle under the chestnut treetops. Turn right at the crossroads and ascend the slope to Jakopič Farm with its neatly arranged table and benches for a rest. Is it time for the first snack already? The slopy macadam road going through the forest leads to the asphalt . The turning for Jožman Farm is marked at the crossroads . Set out right along the asphalt road past the meadows to the forest and turn left to Borovničeva pot , through the chestnut forest all the way to the Kostevc Homestead , . You can rest under the arranged projecting roof and admire their beautiful flower garden . A little further on the ridge, near the hunting observatory, there is a nicely arranged resting place with magnificent view of Vnajnarje and the Ljubljana Basin along with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background . Being quite high now, the views become more and more beautiful and Janče is not far away.

Further to Janče
Borovničeva pot takes you past Črnivec and Balant Farms , , . After about 100 metres of the Balant Farm, the signpost directs you left in the forest . This part of the route is overgrown due to the new, steeper path being used instead. The latter was made due to building of the iron construction of the power line. At the first turn above the goat enclosure , turn left. At the next turn with a beautiful view on the trodden path , go into the forest along the marked route over the 710-metre high Zavrh Hill. The rest is welcome for the path is very steep. The legs will survive; in the meantime, enjoy the visual treat. When coming from the forest, continue the route along asphalt past the primary school, kindergarten and the Chapel of St. Nicholas all the way to Janče . Soon, the highest point of the route will be reached. Janče mountain hut is on the left , . Magnificent views of Slovenian mountains and hills open up from Janče (794 m) . Beautiful is the view of the Ljubljana Basin and on the other side towards Trebeljevo . The hut offers treats of all kinds. Due to the exertion, the snack is appropriate. This is the highest point of the route and almost half of it has already been made. Other mountain paths also lead to Janče, so it is important to choose the right one. Descend to the parson's house situated next to the Church of St. Nicholas . In direction of Trebeljevo and Obolno , the marked mountain path leads through the forest to Volavje .

Through Volavje to the Besnica Stream Valley
Descend through the forest and turn left twice at the crossroads. Before the crossroads with a transformer , you arrive to the asphalt road and start ascending towards Volavje. (No one said it would go only downhill from Janče.) Besniška pot is not a classic mountain path; it is rather an undulating hiking path. Once again you find yourself on Sadna cesta. A view of the Posavje Hills opens up on the left. If the weather is nice, Kum (1220 m) can be seen. At the beginning of the Volavje village, the road tips over a hill . Before the village centre, turn sharply right from the asphalt road to the marked path , . Descend to Zgornja Besnica following the winding and serpentine road through the forest, past the meadows and orchards. When reaching the main road, turn right and after 50 metres a steep ascent towards Javor along the asphalt road begins. This is the last harsh ascent on today's route. The feet are probably little heavy by now.

Over the ridge of Javorski vrh
At the turning for Ravno Brdo, you again reach Kostanjeva pot. At the crossroads in Javorje, turn sharply right to the priority road . After a few turns, the observatory ridge of Javorski vrh is reached , . The view of the entire Ljubljana Basin and the neighbouring hills opens up. The route now takes place on the winding ridge asphalt road past the hamlets and individual farms. On the left below, the Church of St. Anne in the centre of Javorje can be spotted . Kostanjeva pot leads past the Centre of the Amateur Radio Operators under Žagarski vrh (627 m) . The Centre is not always open; still the benches can be used as a resting spot. Then the descent along the ridge towards Babna gora Hill starts. When reaching the crossroads below Babna gora Hill, you are already at the end of the circular trail . Turn left and through Zagradišče and Češnjica return to the starting point in Sostro along the same path you started on. It has been nice. You made a good use of the day, and are looking forward to similar ones.

The scattered settlement where the pulse of modern times is present, although some outbuildings kept the image from our predecessors' times , .

There is a nicely renovated former watering place at the beginning of the village , where it is also possible to rest.

In the valley of the Besnica Stream, especially in the summer time when the surrounding chestnut woods bloom, mobile beehives can be seen .

The hilly settlement with its solitary farms on the sunny side of the slope above the valley of Besnica Stream. Quite a few farms offer home-made products to their visitors.

There is the Church of St. Nicholas , first mentioned in 1526, in the middle of the village. Next to the church, there's a nicely maintained village cemetery where there's always something interesting to see. From Janče (794 m), being the highest positioned settlement in the surroundings and lying almost in the centre of Slovenia, there is a beautiful view of all Slovenian mountains and hills – from Triglav and the Kamnik Alps to Dolenjska .

The settlement is scattered on the slopes of Javorski vrh which includes several hamlets. The settlement was mentioned already in 1252 and the Church of St. Anne was first mentioned in 1526. The existing church was built at the beginning of the 20th century .

Mrkotovc Homestead
Strawberry, cherry, peach, apple, pear, plum sale.

Snopičar Homestead
Cherry, strawberry, pear, plum, apple and vegetable sale.

Anderjac Homestead
Strawberry, cherry, old varieties of apples, apple juice and vinegar, spirit, eggs, bread, roles sale.

Jakopič Farm
Strawberry, apple, apple vinegar, spirit, liquor, jam, apple juice, Advent wreath, dry sausage sale.

Jožman Farm
Strawberry, spirit, mushroom, egg sale.

Kostevc Homestead
Strawberry, pear, plum, raspberry, spirit, must, liqueur, chestnut sale.

Črnivec Farm
Strawberry, white-fleshed peach, cherry, egg, spirit and liquor, dry meat product sale.

Balant Farm
Cherry, strawberry, pear, plum, apple and vegetable sale.

Mountain hut in Janče
You can have a snack in the hut every day and in cooler months even warm up or dry wet clothes and shoes next to a wood-fired oven. There is playground for children in the courtyard. There are 25 beds in the hut.

How Sadna cesta (Fruit Road) between Javor and Janče was established?
At the initiative of the local people and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Municipality of Ljubljana (former Municipality of Moste-Polje), the CRPOV project (Comprehensive Countryside Development and Village Renovation) has begun in the area of Besnica valley and Janče in 1993.
With joined forces, 500 hectares of meadows, 30 hectares of modern plantations for integrated fruit production (strawberries, apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, walnuts, chestnuts, etc.) have been arranged and the project for revitalisation of grass plantations and gardens was carried out, as well as 11 water reservoirs to irrigate fruit trees and berries were set up.
In 1994, the venue with playground and Strawberry-eater (a playground equipment, constructed on the basis of the story about the Strawberry Land) was arranged in Janče, where Strawberry and Chestnut Sundays take place nowadays.
The farmers established a tourist society, within which all activities regarding Sadna cesta are performed. The sale is also carried out at home where the farmers accept every traveller open-handed and offer them various farm and other products, such as apples, bread, alcohol and alcohol-free drinks.

Since when do the strawberries grow in Janče?
So long ago that not even the oldest people can remember, strange and most peculiar events happened in the Besnica valley and around the neighbouring hills. It all started when Felix Half-Noble of Vnajnarje returned to the mentioned area. He was ingenious and clever, but good-hearted and kind too. He gradually gained the respect of his fellow villagers. His boasting about his aristocratic origin did not suit the Ljubljana nobility, so they quickly accused him of theft and banditry and convicted him. There was no sign of him for many years. He appeared in Besnica valley in his old age. He found out about his daughter being born there soon after he had been driven away. Everything that was left from his long and exciting journeys around the seas of the world, were the seeds of the strawberries from Easter Island. Just before his death, he gave them to his daughter and her husband. He told them that the seeds would grow only if they are planted with their hands at full moon on a clear sky. Since then, the strawberries have been growing in Janče.

The mountain hut in Janče hosts numerous visitors in the time of traditional annual events such as Strawberry Festival and Chestnut Sunday. Contact persons: Srečko Birk 041 503 964 and Lili Maren 041 233 823; Besnica-Janče Tourism Society.

Chestnut Sunday (first, second and third Sunday in October)
Homemade delicacies, roasted chestnuts, freshly squeezed apple juice, desserts, culinary offer, exhibition of works by the participants of the Ex-tempore art colony, display of spirit distilling and other farm chores. The event is accompanied by entertainment programme and rich culinary offer. Children can play at the Strawberry Playground and on the Strawberry-eater or search for the hidden treasure.

Strawberry Sunday (first and second Sunday in June)
Sale of strawberries, strawberry desserts, homemade liqueurs and spirit, exhibition of homemade delicacies, rich culinary offer and entertainment programme, presentation of foreign and domestic tourist societies included in related programmes of rural development. Children can play at the Strawberry Playground and on the Strawberry-eater.

At least half of the route runs along not much traffic burdened asphalt roads. Being cautious and walking on the left side is warmly recommended.
Use hiking poles for easier walking.