Length 9.4 km
Time needed
Time needed 02:00
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 6 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 10 %
Average slope of the ascent: 9 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 2.80 km
The lowest point of the route: 307 m
The highest point of the route: 438 m
Difference in altitude: 395 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 1959 kJ (468 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 1608 kJ (384 kcal)
Difficulty: Less demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Primerna obutev: Hiking boots
Short description

A short route running almost entirely through forests and their edges. Unfortunately, there are no signposts and you have to closely follow the map or description. It is perfect for a trip in hot summer days as the forest offers plenty of shade and lower temperatures, but it is not recommended in heavy rain because it can be muddy in some places. There's an opportunity to buy some country products along the way.


Bokalce – naselje Grič – Klobuk – Stražni vrh – Prevala – Podutik – - Kmetija Pr' Lukš – naselje Grič –Bokalce

We'll begin at the final stop of bus no. 14B – Bokalce. Go straight on through a part of the settlement of Grič, where houses only have odd numbers, embellished with letters. At the end of the settlement, go up the hill along a nice cart track at house 1c . The path isn't too steep and is also suitable for those who are not very physically fit or those who'd rather run. After 50 metres, the path straightens up and crosses a former ski jump, which was built by the local youth more than forty years ago. The takeoff table and landing zone, whose characteristic was the spruce at the end, which was hugged by many aspiring jumpers, still defy time.

You'll soon cross a gas pipeline route, which is often used by motorcyclists as their practicing range . As there weren't many trees cut down, the view is very narrow, so you can only see a small section of Ljubljana in the valley. The path soon starts ascending. You can choose between a very good cart track or numerous short parallel paths on the right side of the cart track, which join the cart track again at the end of the ascent . If you decide on these paths, you need to be careful not to wander off into the valley.

Three more exchanges of ascents and short plains, and you'll find yourself in front of a hunting lodge in the forest next to a large clearing (Veliki vrh, 441m). The view is obstructed by tall trees surrounding the clearing. Nevertheless, you can see the village of Bela, and Grmada in the Polhov Gradec Dolomites and Ljubljana Marshes with Krim behind it through a small opening between the trees. The most eye-catching are chestnuts, whose light cupules remind us of the scent of roasted chestnuts . The field which was located here for centuries is gone, so visitors can no longer pick turnip which used to grow on it. But they can decide to pick some yarrows with white or pink flowers to solve problems with their stomachs. Both are in abundance . But if your stomach needs immediate help and if you're lucky that it's a weekend or holiday, you'll find help in the form of tea or anything else at the friendly keeper of the hunting lodge . In the lodge and in front of it, there's plenty of space for a rest and snack, if you need one after about twenty-minute walk. However, if the hunting lodge is your final destination, you can compete in bowling at the bowling alley.

Continue towards Preval, which is the turning point of this trip. Set off along the comfortable path below the lodge (on the Podutik side). But be careful! Carelessness and the choice of a path on the left side will quickly bring you to the valley near Stranska vas, and if you turn too right, you'll reach the valley at a former brickyard.

After a short descent, you'll reach a minor saddle, where you may continue along the path on the left of Stražni vrh, but we suggest you rather ascend the second summit of Klobuk: Stražni vrh (watch summit) (439 m). It isn't known where the name comes from. It is true, however, that there had been a lovely view of the north side of the Ljubljana Basin with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background from the summit, before it became overgrown with forest.

Continue along a narrow path to the cart track, which you would have walked along if you had decided to leave the summit out. Go up and down until you reach Preval , . If you wish to make a day out of this trip, continue towards Toško Čelo. If you're hungry, descend along the road to the Kačji dol Inn . But our plan is to continue mostly along forest paths, and – the place is full of them –, back to the starting point, so don't turn towards the valley. Go back for some 20 metres and continue along a lovely forest path, which is slowly taking you towards the valley above the sandpit. Next to the path, you may notice an old boundary stone, which has been alerting us about our whereabouts for a century and a half . And there are plenty of flowers to add some variety to your view . If your eyes are used to picking mushrooms, you can find some edible or less edible here , although capsules made with their relative supposedly heal many things.

When you almost reach the valley, you can observe the commotion on the opposite hill with a quarry from a clearing above the sandpit. In this quarry, stones for the Triple Bridge in Ljubljana were crushed . This is also the sign that you need to stop the descent, unless you wish to take a closer look at Podutik and the new church, which is an architectural peculiarity of this place and its shape breaks the boundaries of sacral design so far , or have a snack at the Etna Pizza Restaurant . The Glinščica Stream also flows through Podutik.

The hillside under Stražni vrh is very diverse, corrugated even, with numerous ravines, so you sometimes need to ascend and then descend along the path meandering around them, and cross a ridge or two. But never mind, you actually can't get lost, although there are so many paths, it feels like every hiker has his/her own. Our route alternates between the edge of the forest, where you can admire lovely views of Ljubljana and the Alps for the first time, and of the forest itself, but it's never too steep. You'll soon join an old running path, the blazes of which you've already noticed on the way to Klobuk. But as the direction of the run and blazes is opposite yours, the blazes are behind your back, so perhaps you should look back once in a while . Some have been changed a bit and may perhaps put a smile on your face .

Continue towards south along the edge of the forest and past the Pr' Adam Farm , where you can buy fresh vegetables, if there's space in your backpack and you haven't spent all your money in the hunting lodge or Podutik. At the Polanec Farm, you almost run into the fence enclosing a former clay pit of the INDOP brickyard, whereas now this is an asphalt base with its material disposal facility .

Turn away from the base and you'll soon reach an open door farm, Pr' Lukš , , with a lovely picnic area and a place for playing football, volleyball, basketball and table tennis, some playground equipment for children, and also a covered area to protect people from rain. On this farm, you can also bus seasonal vegetables or fresh milk.

Only a kilometre to go before you reach the place where you left your car or the bus stop where your wandering began. You'll reach the end along the path meandering through the forest and along its edges. When you arrive at the first house, you only have a few hundreds of metres to go. Take a look back for a lovely conclusion of the trip .

Klobuk (hat) ,
Not even the oldest locals know why the ridge dividing the Marshes on the Podutik side from the Marshes on the Dobrova side is called Klobuk (hat). Veliki vrh (Klobuk on some maps) is the name of the highest point of this route (441 m) and is 150 m higher than the Marshes. It's been a popular hiking destination for people from Vrhovci, Brdo, Grič, Podutik and Stranska vas for a long time.

Hunting lodge ,
Just below the clearing at the top of the hill, the Dobrova Hunting Club has built a hunting lodge, which was wooden at first but is now nicely renovated with beautifully arranged surroundings.

Etna Pizza Restaurant
This pizza restaurant is the only restaurant in Podutik. If pizza is not your favourite dish, you can try pasta or just a regular snack.

Kačji log Inn ,
This inn with overnight accommodation is located below Toško Čelo, just before the ascent to Preval from Podutik. Here you can spend the night, or let yourself be served with homemade food, grilled food or a pizza from a wood-fired oven.

Open Door Farm Pr' Jurčk ,
Situated just below Klobuk (1 km), it offers friendly hosts and good homemade food. These are the reasons why it's sometimes difficult to find a place to sit at this farm.