Length 21.5 km
Time needed
Time needed 02:00
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 8 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 6 %
Average slope of the ascent: 4 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 3.40 km
The lowest point of the route: 477 m
The highest point of the route: 327 m
Difference in altitude: 404 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 4070 kJ (972 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 3316 kJ (792 kcal)
Difficulty: Demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Type of bike: Trek bike
Short description

A very demanding, yet beautiful cycling route intended for cyclists with quite some kilometres under their feet, primarily because of the ascent from Št. Jurij to Velike Lipljene and from Kobiljek to Cerovo.
As the route is defined in principle as very demanding, its direction is determined according to the greater ascent. For the less enduring, we recommend going in the opposite direction so that you ascend along a 12% road grade and on a forest path (Ponova vas–Velike Lipljene), while you descend along a 15% road grade and an extremely busy road (Velike Lipljene–Št. Jurij).


Grosuplje – Brezje pri Grosupljem – Sela pri Šmarju – Bičje – Podgorica – Št. Jurij – Velike Lipljene – Tabor – Mala vas – Kobiljek – Cerovo – Spodnja Slivnica - Grosuplje

The route begins at the car park at the train station. Turn left onto the main road and left again towards Ljubljana at the crossroads at the town hall. At the temporary roundabout, drive towards Brezje, cross an unprotected level crossing and immediately after it, turn right and drive along the railway. Drive past Sončni dvori and continue across the bridge where the road splits. On the left, there's the 'Pr' Atku Inn , ; this path takes you to the Bičje natural reserve and flood water retention basin . However, you turn right onto a marked cycle lane . Then an ascent follows through the village to the chapel, where the road changes from asphalt to macadam . At the second crossroads, turn left, but the path splits again after just a few metres . The left one leads into the forest, but you'll take the right one, go across the bridge and drive along the road running under power lines all the way to the crossroads before the village of Sela . The road leading to the village is lined with young lindens . Then you'll come onto asphalt, but since you're turning left, you'll be back on macadam shortly .

Beware of the bear
Stick to the edge of the forest. This is an area where bears live so better stick to the road and not drive off into the forest. Drive along the edge of the forest or in the open for quite some time. All the way to Bičje, you'll enjoy the view of Grosuplje and the surrounding hills in the background.

Št. Jurij
Macadam becomes asphalt again in Bičje , . Continue through Bičje, where you turn right and drive on through the village of Podgorica and on to Št. Jurij . In Št. Jurij, you can see the mighty Church of St. George. At the crossroads, turn right onto the Grosuplje–Turjak road and go up a rather steep 1.2-kilometre slope (15% road grade) to Velike Lipljene. The road is quite busy so be careful when driving uphill.

Mayor's Cave (Županova jama) and Tabor Hill
When you get to Velike Lipljene, you'll see a crossroads with a signpost marked Županova jama . Turn sharply left as the signpost shows and descend along a road with 12% grade through the forest to the Mayor's Cave, a gem of the Slovenian underground. If you're there in time for organised tours , you can enter the cave and have a look around it. We recommend you dress up warmly (you really must change into dry clothes!), as the entrance to the cave is through an ice hall . Further on, the road becomes macadam and runs entirely through the forest, which offers pleasant coolness, especially in summer . While descending from the Mayor's Cave, there's the Tabor Hill with a fortress and belfry of the Church of St. Nicholas on your right. There's also an ancient burial ground here . While driving through the forest, you can observe the diverse karst landscape , .

Horses, donkeys, goats...
In Ponova vas , you'll be back on asphalt and at the crossroads with the view of Grosuplje , you need to turn sharply right, back towards the Mayor's Cave in the direction of Cerovo . All the way to Cerovo , where a view of Spodnja Slivnica opens up, the road will lead you uphill. A famous stable is located in Cerovo. They also have a few donkeys and goats, which is interesting mainly for children. At the end of the village, turn right onto macadam and drive through the forest across the area of bears again. The path runs partly along an area of cut down trees under power lines. When you first exit the forest , turn left; the path is still macadam. It runs past a ranch, where you'll be greeted once again by beautiful horses , and then the forest ends and you'll find yourself back on asphalt in Spodnja Slivnica .

Slivnica Hill
Drive through the steep new section of the village, turn left at the top and go straight on at the NOB (national liberation struggle) monument and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul . If you turned left and then right at a large walnut tree, and drove to the end of asphalt, you'd reach a deck in Slivnica with a wonderful view of Grosuplje and the Grosuplje Plain on the right, and Mala vas and Cerovo and Tabor above them on the left . The renowned Prešeren Hiking Trail runs through Spodnja Slivnica.
When you set out from the church into the valley, stick to the road turning left and running past the fire station. This road takes you past the Grosuplje commercial zone. However, you can avoid the traffic on this road and turn right onto a road which is much steeper and brings you to Grosuplje along a macadam field path. Cross the level crossing in the valley, turn left at the crossroads under the power lines, and if you turn left at the crossroads and cross the level crossing, you'll reach the main road again.
From the commercial zone, drive on along the overpass over the railway, turn left at the crossroads and you're back at the starting point of this route, at the car park next to the Grosuplje train station.


Bičje Nature Reserve
The Bičje Stream, after which the reserve gets its name, runs along the bottom of the plain west of Grosuplje. The area of the reserve is also a natural floodwater retention basin, which prevents the surrounding settlements and agricultural land to be flooded. The reserve hosts numerous rare species of plants and animals. Some of the more interesting swamp plants are marsh gentian, various species of orchids and reed. The diverse fauna includes birds, dragonflies, amphibians and European crayfish.

Mayor's Cave , , , , ,
The underground gem of the Dolenjska karst is situated near the village of Velike Lipljene, eight kilometres south of Grosuplje, in the immediate vicinity of the fortress in the anti-Turk Cerovo Camp. This wonderful underground cave was discovered in 1926 by Jože Perme, who was then the mayor of Št. Jurij; the cave was later renamed Taborska jama (Camp Cave), while the original name was brought back to life by locals in 1996. The entrance to the cave is through the Ice Hall Cave and is 100 metres further on from the original entrance. The cave consists of seven amazing halls, which are connected with over 600 metres of neat path, which is illuminated with special reflectors. The Mayor's Cave comprises almost all known cave phenomena: stalagmites and stalactites of all kinds and colours, abysses, passages, rimstone dams containing crystal clear water, and in winter, ice stalagmites and stalactites in the Ice Hall. Also interesting is its fauna adapted to life under ground.
Guided tours of the cave:
From May to September: on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 3 pm.
March, April, October and November: on Sundays and holidays at 3 pm
Group tours (at least five adults): by arrangement.
Duration of the tour: 70 minutes

Camp Cerovo and Church of St. Nicholas , , , , ,
In the immediate vicinity of the Mayor's Cave, the Cerovo Camp (Tabor Cerovo) is located. This anti-Turk camp was built at the end of the 15th century on an observation hill. The wall around the Church of St. Nicholas was built by local farmers to protect themselves from Turkish invasions. The Cerovo Camp is one of rare anti-Turk camps preserved until today. According to the size, it's one of smaller camps. The uneven wall with numerous gun portholes and three towers is an excellent sample of rural architecture. The towers are arranged so as to enable supervision over the entire surroundings. The church of St. Nicholas was built on the remnants of a prehistoric settlement. It was first mentioned in 1526 in written sources, but its Romanesque design implies that it was built as early as in the 13th century. Its current shape was created in 1702. The interior of the church is adorned by frescos from the beginning of the 16th century. Especially interesting is a painted arch wall with the scene depicting the offering of Cain and Abel.
After its renovation in 1999, the Cerovo Camp became one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia. At the foot of the camp, there's a sinkhole with the Chapel of St. Anthony of the Desert.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul
The Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Spodnja Slivnica is a building of extraordinary cultural and historical value. The undisputable sight of the church is a star-shaped arched Gothic presbytery with three decorative painted window openings at the sides and several layers of partially uncovered frescos dating back to around 1530.

Church of St. George
In the centre of Št. Jurij, there's the Church of St. George, which was first mentioned in 1526 in the records of the church's valuables. It's mentioned in the Stična monastery land registry from 1662 and also Valvasor as a subsidiary to the parish of Šmartno. In the square by the church, there's an old chapel with the statue of Our Lady with Jesus.


Pr´ Atku Inn ,
They offer dishes à la carte, snacks, pizzas, salads, etc. For all gourmets, they also offer dishes prepared on a genuine grill (roštilj). You'll be pampered with selected tastes by an acknowledged Serbian specialities cook.

Vodičar Inn 
The Vodičar Inn is located in the centre of Grosuplje. They offer coffee early in the morning, and daily fresh snacks, which can also be taken away. In the afternoon or evening, you can refresh yourself or warm up with a selected drink in a pleasant company.



Prešeren Hiking Trail 
The trail runs from Grosuplje through Spodnja Slivnica and Predole to Velika Račna and ends in Kopanje. The asphalt road alternates with macadam and a forest path. Each year on 8 February (cultural holiday), a hike along the Prešeren Hiking Trail is organised. At Kopanj, a cultural programme and mass take place.

Adventure Day in Mayor's Cave
At the end of May, the traditional hike from Grosuplje to the Mayor's Cave takes place. On this day, a tourist event takes place at the cave. Visitors can see the cave and attend a cultural programme, and participate in various sports and other activities.