Length 35.0 km
Time needed
Time needed 03:00
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 17 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 7 %
Average slope of the ascent: 6 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 5.90 km
The lowest point of the route: 589 m
The highest point of the route: 278 m
Difference in altitude: 815 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 6104 kJ (1458 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 4974 kJ (1188 kcal)
Difficulty: Very demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Type of bike: Trek bike
Short description

This cycling route will take you to places, where the Ravbar knights and barons governed centuries ago. You'll also visit their tomb. The fame and influence of the Ravbar family reached a lot further than the beautiful vistas along the route. The knight Adam Ravbar went on battle marches and hunting from the places you'll cycle past. At the end, you'll also visit his castle, Krumperk Castle, where he always liked to return to...


Domžale – Mala Loka – Bišče – Ihan – Goričica – Goropeče – Vinje – Zg. in Sp. Javoršica – Vrhpolje – Kokošnje – Škocjan – Račni vrh – Gorjuša - Domžale

Southbound along the River Kamniška Bistrica
Set out from the Domžale Sports Park . Begin counterclockwise, from the traffic lights through the Sports Park to the Green Axis – cycling route and footpath along the River Kamniška Bistrica in the direction of the river current. In the times of Adam Ravbar, Domžale was only an intersection on the route. (Domžale is one of the youngest towns in Slovenia. It was declared a town only in 1952.) Too soon does the idyllic path along the water ends . Cycle towards Mala Loka through what is left of the former thick oak forest along the Mlinščica Stream. At the crossroads in the centre of Mala Loka , there's the Sisters of the Holy Cross Convent with a chapel on the right . Continue along the right road and turn left at the small crossroads at the chapel in Bišče . Cross the River Kamniška Bistrica and you'll find yourself in Selo pri Ihanu. How many villages called Selo are there in Slovenia? Quite a few; certainly enough to organise a meeting every year. Proceed towards Ihan; you're on a busier road at the moment so be careful.

Final abode of the Ravbars
On the left, you can see the management building of the Ihan Farm . In the centre of the village, there's a detailed map of the settlement and its vicinity under the horse chestnuts , . At the chapel, turn right past the Church of St. George and then go up the slope towards the Church of St. Cunigunde on Tabor . Now you need to tighten up your reins, as the knight Adam used to do when he was riding around here on his horse, but today this means you'll shift into a lower gear and bend your elbows. Half way up the slope, macadam starts, so it's best to step off your bike in front of the homestead and walk across the courtyard to the church . This family tomb of the Ravbars is also probably the resting place of the brave baron, Adam. Return to the valley the same way. At the end of Ihan, turn to Goropeče . The Adam's Shield route has number 3 .

Slope panoramic road
At first, the road slightly ascends, but in the forest, the ascent becomes steeper. It won't take long before you find yourself at the Goropeče Organic Farm , opposite the chapel . The road runs past the chapel to the Church of St. Nicholas, which is about 200 metres from the farm. Descend to the observation plateau bordering to the Municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani . A beautiful view of the near summits of the Posavje Hills opens up. At the next crossroads, roads lead to the right to Dol pri Ljubljani, but you'll turn left at all of them. When you reach asphalt again, turn left onto the cart track, go past the hayrack , across the courtyard and left up the hill . Enjoy cycling along this panoramic slope road . A preserved fruit drying house is located at the beginning of the village of Vinje. In the village, you can explore the village cemetery next to the Church of St. Mary , otherwise continue along the slope macadam road . Two more hairpin bends and you'll reach the Vode Fruit Farm.

Adam's hunt for beautiful vistas
At the following crossroads, an ascent towards Osredke begins . The abandoned farm hasn't lost its former appeal. You're back on macadam and after the turn, the road almost 'stands up'. One more look at the cycled slope road before shifting into the lowest gear. Don't overlook the memorial by the road . You'll soon reach the chapel in Konfin . The road turning left leads to Sveta Trojica, but you just go straight on towards the observatory ridge. The steep ascent is forgotten; now just enjoy the memorable panorama, the unique view of Domžale , the Moravče Valley and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps .

Adam, tighten up your reins
A steep descent starts in Zgornja Javoršica at the crossroads . The Moravče Valley in front of you is as clear as day . The benches along the path are ideal resting places . The hayrack at the beginning of Spodnja Javorščica contains a collection of old farming tools . Miro, the farmer, will be happy to show it to you . Descend through the forest to Vrhpolje. At the crossroads, there's an old house dating back to 1893 . On the right, there's the Church of Saints Peter and Paul , but you need to turn left and go through Stegne along a pleasant winding road. So turn left onto the macadam road towards Dole pod Sveto Trojico . Opposite the village chapel , there's a collapsing house with beautiful flowers. Descend to Zalog pod Sveto Trojico through Kokošnje and cross the Rača Stream. How many mill wheels did this water once push ?

Open-air theatre
Before crossing the main road, you can quench your thirst at the terrace of the Soklič Inn . A large covered open-air theatre is located next to the village water hole in Studenec. The Adam Ravbar is performing on the stage, bur first you need to visit his mansion. Some day, you can really stop by and see a show at the Summer Cultural Festival. At the fire station and chapel , turn towards the Church of St. Cantianus in Škocjan . Škocjan is located in the limestone karst world, where waters spring or disappear. There are several underground caves and springs in the vicinity. From the church , descend through Brezje to the main road. On the left, you can see the green roof of the open-air theatre once more . Once on the main road, turn right and immediately left towards Rače. Turning left off busy roads and crossing the opposite lane is always unpleasant. Don't forget to indicate your direction!

To panoramic Račni vrh
At the intersection, there's another signpost marking this route . Cross the Rača Valley and ascend to the observation plateau of Račni vrh. Such a short ascent and such a wonderful view! The view reaches as far as the Kamnik-Savinja Alps . Cycle through the village along the plateau and descend towards Gorjuše past Brezovica. At the crossroads at the motorway overpass, turn left towards the Jamarski dom Inn and Krumperk Castle .

Krumperk Castle
You've reached the home of Adam Ravbar just before the end of the route . Even today, although it has lost some of its former glory, it's still an impressive sight. Horses graze around it . On the left, there's a turn for the Jamarski dom Inn , but you go straight towards the castle . What the mighty walls would tell you if they were able to speak. Adam Ravbar used to start his hikes here. When on the next hill, you can take another look at the castle . At the ski jump , continue straight on along the motorway, cross it after the Mgan Inn and return to the Sports Park. You can toast to the memory of the knight Adam in the Adam Ravbar Pub in Rodica. As the golden beer shimmers in the glass, Adam Ravbar shall live forevermore!


Sisters of the Holy Cross Convent in Mala Loka
Rudež Mansion was once located at this site. It was purchased in 1918 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, who turned it into a convent. In 1920, a small electrical generator powered by a mill wheel on the Mlinščica Stream was set up there. The building was remodelled and a chapel was constructed in 1932 .

A Roman road supposedly led through Ihan and later, a cargo route from the River Sava port at Dol to the north. The age of the settlement is also confirmed by naming the church after St. George . Churches used to be dedicated to this saint in settlements, where pagan gods had been worshiped before. The water of the River Kamniška Bistrica ran numerous spindles, but often flooded, thus the settlement did not develop into a bigger centre.

Church of St. Cunigunde on Tabor
Only few churches in Slovenia are dedicated to St. Cunigunde . The church used to be a castle chapel of the Krumperk lords, who used to be buried in it. There's a coat of arms of the Ravbar family next to the golden altar. The Turks caused the people of Ihan a lot of grief, thus a camp was built next to the Church of St. Cunigunde with the support of the aristocratic Ravbar family. The remnants of the camp walls are still visible . The wall was rectangular and over five metres high, and contained four gun portholes. Under the defence hallway, there used to be a storage area, where farmers kept their belongings. Also interesting was the entry system with a drawbridge.

Church of St. Nicholas on Goropeče
The Church of St. Nicholas from the 14th century is located in a secluded spot in the scattered settlement of Brdo. A statue of St. Nicholas is built high up on the southern side of the belfry . The church gets its special value from the Gothic frescos painted before 1481. They're distinguished for the characteristic mild expressions on the faces of the painted figures and soft creases in their clothing. Near the church, a preserved old homestead is located .

Studenec Open-air Theatre
The covered Studenec Open-air Theatre can host as many as 1,000 visitors. It has an excellent natural location at the foot of Komovec.

Krumperk Castle
Krumperk Castle became the property of the aristocratic Ravbar family in 1517. A number of famous men belonged to this family. The most prominent was baron Adam Ravbar, the commander of the Carniolan noble cavalrymen who were outnumbered against the Turks in the Battle of Sisak in 1593. This victory reduced the threat of Turkish invasions in Carniola. Around 1580, baron Adam Ravbar rebuilt the original castle into today's two-storey building in a four-angled shape with four towers. The entrance portal is adorned with the coat of arms of the Ravbar barons . In 1712, a Baroque chapel was erected opposite the entrance to the castle.


Soklič Inn, Zalog pod Sveto Trojico
The right place for all diners, who like to treat themselves to good homemade food in pleasant company and relaxed atmosphere. Nobility of vintage and good is still preserved here.

Gorjuša Jamarski dom Inn (0.15 km)
In a pleasant surroundings, encompassed by forests and rich history, you can eat good food and visit the museum collections and the Železna jama Cave.

Adam Ravbar Brewery and Pub in Domžale (1.5 km)
You can end the Adam's Shield route in a brewery bearing his name. You'll be offered Adam Ravbar goulash, knight steak etc. and of course, homemade Adam Ravbar beer.


The knight Adam Ravbar, the commander of the Carniolan noble cavalrymen in the Battle of Sisak against the Turks in 1593, will live forever in a folk song.

Ravbar chooses his soldiers and goes with them to Sisak.
There are as many Turks at the battlefield as there are ants in the anthill.
Ravbar runs first and says to the hired man: "Go ahead," he says,
"climb up the tall tree and watch the banners carefully:
If they appear white, we'll have a hard time;
if they appear red, we don't have to be afraid.
We'll beat the Turks as quickly as a flash,
we won't rest before we push them to the ground."
The hired man sees all red and the Carniolans become eager:
they run towards the Turks so eagerly that they kill them all with their swords.


The Ihan Tourism Society organises an annual local event, including a market, on 26 June.
Each summer, the members of the Miran Jarc Cultural Society from Škocjan prepare the annual Summer Cultural Festival at Studenec. The programme is available at
The France Bernik Culture House in Domžale offers a rich programme of events and exhibitions. More at


There are some dangerous crossings with main roads on the route. You can never be too careful!