Length 24.4 km
Time needed
Time needed 02:30
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 3 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 10 %
Average slope of the ascent: 2 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 0.60 km
The lowest point of the route: 368 m
The highest point of the route: 300 m
Difference in altitude: 192 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 5087 kJ (1215 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 4145 kJ (990 kcal)
Difficulty: Medium demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Asphalt
Type of bike: Trek bike
Short description

A route of medium length runs along asphalt roads through the landscape and settlements below Šmarna gora. The tour is mostly flat, with a few minor ascents, and simple orientation. There are various attractions along the route worth a visit.


Tacen – Šmartno pod Šmarno goro – Skaručna – Vodice – Zapoge - Hraše – Valburga – Smlednik – Zbilje – Medvode – Verje – Pirniče - Vikrče – Tacen

Through Tacen and Šmartno...
The tour starts at the car park in Tacen which is a frequent and popular starting point for the trips to the surroundings of Šmarna gora. If you brought your bike with a car, it is possible that you will have to wait for a free parking space. From the car park, turn left to Tacenska Road. Hikers' cars are parked by the side of the road on weekends; therefore, caution should be exercised. The road is narrow and poorly overlaid . After a short ascent, turn somewhat right to Ciril Kosmač Road. After leaving the compact part of the settlement, the road is narrower and in even worst condition than before; however, it is not busy. Turn left at the junction near the house with a house number 55 on Ciril Kosmač Road. Now cycle downhill along a built-up street towards the centre of Šmartno. At the quite blind and busy junction, cross Cesta vstaje Road. To the right you can see the Church of St Marin in Šmartno . The road through Šmartno is poor and narrow, but gets better outside of the settlement. Through Povodje, with a well-known fish farm on the right below the road, continue towards Skaručna. Skarčuna and Vodice...
A nice view of the fields, Skarčuna with the dominating Church of St Lucia and the Kamnik Alps in the background opens up from the road , . In Skarčuna cycle past the Skarčuna Inn which is closed on weekends . The road between Skaručna and Vodice is in good condition, so you can accelerate . Do not turn towards Repnje, but stay on the right side of the motorway and continue straight on towards Vodice . Cycle past the gas station on the right and the cemetery of Vodice on the left, and stop at the junction with traffic lights. There turn left, cross the motorway and descend towards Smlednik.

...and through the settlements below Smlednik Hill to the Sava River
Cycle through Zapoge, Hraše, Valburga and Smlednik. The road descends and ascends a bit, turns left and right. There are fields, the remains of a plain forest and Hraše with the Church of St James on the left, and Smlednik Hill with castle remains on the right. In Valburga you can make a detour. Stop at the Zorman Inn and look at the exterior of Valburga Mansion with a beautiful linden avenue or continue straight on towards Zbilje.

Past Zbilje to Medvode
Cross the Sava River and get to the centre of the settlement of Zbilje. If you want to get to Zbilje Lake , turn left. Otherwise, continue to the junction where the roads to Medvode, Mavčiče and Škofja Loka cross. Turn left, only a kilometre separates you from Medvode. Cycle past the Gustl Inn and past the settlement of Zbiljski gaj. There is the Stan Inn to the left, together with a bike service . When arriving to the roundabout, cross it along the cycling track through the underpass . On the other side, you can see the Na klancu Inn . After exiting the underpass, at the end of the red cycling track behind the residential blocks, turn left and go straight on to Ostrovrharjeva Street. Turn left and at the end of Ostrovrharjeva Street turn right and descend to the junction. There turn left (a board for cycling track to the left and right) through the underpass and then immediately left again towards Pirniče. You can see the chimney of the Donit factory in front of you ; ascend to the bridge over the Sava River. You should stop at the bridge and look at the barrier of the Medvode hydropower plant .

Through Verje and Pirniče to Vikrče below Šmarna gora
Descend to Verje and continue through Zgornje and Spodnje Pirniče . There are houses and accesses on both sides of the road which also includes speed humps. In Pirniče, you can see some sights: the Church of St Thomas in Zgornje Pirniče and the birth house of a partisan commandant Franc Rozman – Stane in Spodnje Pirniče. If you have time and will, go to Zavrh to the birth house of Jakob Aljaž . Gently descend along the road at the end of Pirniče towards Kajakaška Road. At the junction with Kajakaška Road, turn right towards Vikrče. The road is poor, the verges are not maintained. When you come to a renovated road section near the exit for the police school, the road gets better. If you want to visit the famous avenue of plane and oak trees and Rocen Manor , turn towards the police school.

Back to Tacen
On the last section of the tour which takes you back to Tacen, Kajakaška Road is narrow; there are houses on both sides. Unfortunately, from this side, you cannot access the Sava River where the kayak course for the World Cup races is situated. The route ends at the starting point at the car park or at the Košir Inn where you can get something to eat or drink at the end of the tour.

Church of St Martin in Šmartno pod Šmarno goro
The church was first mentioned in 1296. The present church with a massive bell tower was built in 1841. It has been proclaimed the monument of art.

Fish Farm in Povodje and monument to Ivan Frank
A well-known fish farm is situated in Povodje. Moreover, there is a monument to Ivan Frank, the doyen of Slovenian organised fishing and fish farming.

Church of St Lucia in Skarčuna ,
The church was built between 1662 and 1665. In 1744, it was reconstructed in the Baroque style. The paintings of Franc Jelovšek date back to 1748.

Church of St. James in Hraše
The church was first mentioned in 1118. It was very simple at that time, maybe even wooden. It belonged to the parish of Vodice. In historical sources, the church was again mentioned in 1335 when the village of Hraše, which then consisted of five farms, was bought by the Counts of Celje. The present single-nave church with five-eighth presbytery from the late 15th century was later reconstructed in the Baroque style.

Valburga Mansion
Valburga Mansion (the locals call it Lazarini Castle) is a typical building of Renaissance architecture. It was built in the 17th century when the Counts of Andechs, owners of the Old Castle in Smlednik, decides to build a new manor on the plain. There is a 200-metre linden avenue in front of the mansion and a park behind it. The interior is adorned with wonderful frescoes, containing fantasy scenes from Greek mythology. Until its nationalisation at the end of World War II, it was owned by the noble Lazarini family. In 1991, it was returned to the descendants of the last owners and renovated. In the winter of 2007, a fire was set in the mansion which destroyed the most beautiful hall, the Knight Hall.

Zbilje Lake and Medvode hydropower plant ,
The hydropower plant is situated above the confluence of the Sava and the Sora rivers. It was built in 1953. This is a concrete gravity dam with accumulation which serves as a compensation pool for peak operation of Mavčiče hydropower plant, situated upstream. The power plant operates in the daily run-of-the-river type and in the chain with Mavčiče hydropower plant during peak power consumption. The power of the power plant is 26 MW. It has two Kaplan turbines.
As a result of the dam, the water level of the Sava River rose for more than 20 metres and Zbilje Lake was thus created. When the dam for the power plant was being built, a bronze tube axe was found there indicating that the area was populated already in the Bronze Age. In the Roman period, important routes ran there between (today's) Primorska and Gorenjska regions. Zbilje Lake is today a popular hiking destination. Various water sports competitions have been held on the lake in the recent decades. In addition, a rich tourist and recreational offer has developed by the lake in Zbilje and Dragočajna.

Church of St Thomas in Zgornje Pirniče
The Church of St Thomas is a Gothic church which was thoroughly rebuilt in the middle of the 17th century. Next to it is a modern parish Church of the Assumption of Mary, decorated with statues of the apostles, a work of the local artist Brigita Juvan.

Church of the Holy Cross in Spodnje Pirniče
The parish Church of the Holy Cross was built in 1874 at the site of the former church from the 16th century. The chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes was built in 1884. The ground plan of the church has a shape of a cross and the ceiling is bath-shaped. There are two altars at the high arch wall. The main altar is made of stone and its statues are wooden. The stained glass windows have been brought to the church from the Ursuline Church in Ljubljana.

Birth house of the commandant Franc Rozman - Stane in Spodnje Pirniče
The birth house of the legendary national hero and commandant of the main headquarters of the National Liberation Army of Slovenia, Franc Rozman – Stane, today houses a museum. Franc Rozman died towards the end of 1944 while testing a new mortar which was sent to the partisans by the British allies. A few days later, he was pronounced a national hero. What is more, Pirniče is a birthplace of another national hero, Tine Rožanc, after whom a well-known folklore group is named.

Monument and Museum of Jakob Aljaž in Zavrh pod Šmarno goro
In the village of Zavrh pod Šmarno goro, one of the greatest Slovenians, Jakob Aljaž, was born in 1845. He was a priest, composer, mountaineer and, first and foremost, a nationally conscious Slovenian. He is remembered as a patriot who was aware of the dangers of German dominance over the Slovenians. At the top of Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain, he bought some land with his own money. In 1895, he built there the famous tower, named after him, which soon became a Slovenian national symbol. Amidst the competition of the Slovenian and German mountaineering societies in the Julian Alps, this act was intended to demonstrate that Triglav was a Slovenian mountain. Moreover, his song "Oj, Triglav, moj dom" (Oh, Triglav, My Home) is one of the most popular Slovenian songs, not only among mountaineers but among all Slovenians. To commemorate his birthday, Medvode celebrates its municipal holiday on 6 July. The Municipality of Medvode bought his birthplace and renovated it as a cultural monument.

Avenue, Rocen Manor and the Police Academy ,
The manor dates back to the 16th century and was at first owned by the Lamberg family. It later changed many owners and was nationalised after World War II. Today it houses the administration of the Police Academy. On the outside, the manor is beautifully renovated, but the interior is, unfortunately, heavily modified. A park around the manor is also partly preserved. An avenue of oak and plane trees has been planted in the park which is, due to the age and size of the trees, incredibly beautiful and mighty.

Sava River
Before glaciations, the predecessor of the Sava River flowed more northward in the west-east direction. It later made its way between Šmarna gora and Rašica and then moved its bed once again to the area between the Polhov Gradec Hills and Grmada where it still flows today as the Sava River. The water carried numerous alluvia, gravel and clay.
During the interglacial period, the Sava River contained much more water than today and it alternately deepened and deposited its riverbed. In the meantime, the riverbed moved several times. Terraces with risers were formed and are still visible today. (Risers are slopes between terraces, mostly overgrown with trees and bushes.)

World Cup kayak course
A kayak course is arranged on the rapids of the Sava River. The course is a very famous kayaking facility, as it regularly hosts World Cup races.


Bizeljčan Inn in Šmartno pod Šmarno goro
The Bizeljčan Inn is located in Šmartno. It is open all day, every day of the week. Individuals, as well as families and groups are welcome there. There is a pleasant shade in the garden including some playground equipment for children.

Skaručna Inn
An inn for gourmets.

Na klancu Inn
The Na klancu Inn in Medvode operates from 1906. It was renovated in 2009. They also offer accommodation.

Mihovec Inn, Zgornje Pirniče
The Mihovec Inn is one of the oldest inns in the area. It is known for Slovenian, game, Mediterranean and vegetarian dishes.

Harlekin Pizza and Spaghetti Restaurant and Pr' Kral Inn, Verje
You are served home-made Slovenian and Italian cuisine, pizzas and fish in a home-like atmosphere.

Zorman Inn, Valburga
In addition to drinks, visitors are offered snacks and, of course, Slovenian cuisine, adjusted to the season. In winter, for instance, the offer includes home-made blood sausages, bratwursts, žganci (buckwheat mush), matevž (pureed beans with cracklings), jota (bean and sauerkraut soup), veal stew, tripe, etc.

Jezero Inn, Zbilje
The Jezero Inn pleases its guests both with traditional Slovenian dishes and dishes from various foreign cuisines. A wide range of meat and vegetable dishes will satisfy every taste. The selection of drinks is also diverse.

Gustl Inn, Zbilje
The staff will gladly serve you pizzas, home-made Slovenian dishes, game, (freshwater) fish, sea food, vegetarian and grilled dishes.

Stan Snack Bar and Bicycle Service, Medvode
They are known for their excellent Illy coffee and delicious Cha teas. Stan daily prepares excellent home-made desserts and hot sandwiches. Their chocolate shop produces unique, hand-made chocolate products, made from high-quality chocolate, which are also suitable as gifts. In the garden children can play in a "dwarf land".

Košir Inn
The Košir Inn at the very foot of Šmarna gora in Tacen has a venerable tradition. For decades, it has been attracting individuals, families and groups who come here for a snack, rest, entertainment and gatherings. The Inn is famous for its quality home-made food, great service and is open every day of the week. Its shady chestnut garden and playground enable you to experience comfort.


Zbilje Night
The Zbilje Night is an international music festival, held annually in July at Zbilje Lake. Music and entertainment satisfy all generations.

Whitewater kayaking
Since 1948, there has been a kayak course on the Sava River in Tacen, where water can be regulated with the floodgates of the nearby power plant. A kayak centre with one of the most famous slalom courses has developed on the Sava River. Numerous world championships have been organised there, as well as national championships and various international competitions. In addition to this water sport, hikers and tourists are over and over again attracted by the beautiful surroundings and views from the top of Šmarna gora or Grmada.