Length 10.9 km
Time needed
Time needed 01:00
Največja strmina vzpona[%]
Greatest slope of the ascent: 11 %
Greatest slope of the descent: 8 %
Average slope of the ascent: 6 %
Length of ascents above 5%: 2.10 km
The lowest point of the route: 454 m
The highest point of the route: 277 m
Difference in altitude: 276 m
Poraba kalorij
Consumption of energy for men: 2035 kJ (486 kcal)
Consumption of energy for women: 1658 kJ (396 kcal)
Difficulty: Demanding
Quality of the surface
Quality of the surface: Mixture
Type of bike: Mountain bike
Short description

A demanding cycle route runs from Sv. Urh through Golovec to Orle and has a racing descent to Podmolnik and a flat section through Žabja vas and Dobrunje and back to Sv. Urh. The route has a shape of a young eagle and can be repeated several times due to its shortness.
The route from Sv. Urh to Orle runs entirely along the forest paths which can be narrow, steep and hard to cycle at certain sections. Drive carefully on the way over Golovec so that you won't go astray on the forest paths, as well as on other roads as they are quite busy.


Cerkev Sv. Urh – Golovec – Orle – Podmolnik – Žabja vas – Dobrunje – cerkev sv. Urha

The route has a shape of a young eagle with closed wings, anxious to fly for the first time. Let's fly away with him.

The starting point is the car park at the church on Sv. Urh where you can leave your car. Sv. Urh is a place of sad memories, as it was a scene of tragic crimes and fratricidal war between 1941 and 1945. Even the most frightening memories fade away with time, while this memorial site warns – never again!

Through the forest
The starting point of the route is otherwise a popular hiking spot of the inhabitants of the eastern part of Ljubljana. Start at the church and continue on the path which runs right from the monument . Beware: this path is intended mostly for the hikers , so don't forget that they have priority. The path is flat at first, but it soon starts gently ascending. It runs along road cuts in some sections and can get muddy in bad weather, thus the hikers arranged bypasses on the left edge of the path, which are, however, difficult to cycle on due the tree roots. Approximately a kilometre from the monument, the path ascends and becomes flat , while you can hear cars from the motorway on the right. The path branches there: one continues up to the ridge, and the other, the wider one, to the left. Turn left; the path is flat at the beginning and then it starts slowly ascending in narrow road cuts . You'll reach a crossroads after 800 metres, where the right path leads steeply up, while the wider, left one remains almost on the same level . Turn right and up (if you've turned left, you would get to the Zadvorski hrib Hill above Žabja vas). The path ascends and runs in almost a straight line along the ridge with rich habitats of numerous forest fruits , until it reaches the edge of a meadow . Stick to the right and to the path that runs past fences , until you reach the first houses in Orle after the last ascent .

Turn left at the first houses to the asphalt road, then ascend a little to reach the highest point of the route. It goes only downhill from there on (with the exception of some short ascents before Podmolnik and to the car park at Sv. Urh). Descend past the houses to the main road between Rudnik and Orle, where you turn left past the Pri Mihelnu Hiking Inn (a statue of Virgin Mary is located at the courtyard opposite the inn), and then continue to the valley. The road runs among houses all the time and steeply ascends to the eastern edge of the village. Take a good look at the last house on the right; you might see the domesticated deer Nika . Behind the houses on the right is a monument to the final battles in the liberation of Ljubljana at the end of World War II , and just below the monument is a saddle below Orle, where four paths branch: you've cycled on one, while the right, macadam one, runs past the abandoned quarries towards Lavrica. The footpath to Molnik leads straightforward and the left asphalt road descends to the valley towards Podmolnik (a signpost for Sostro). Turn left along the asphalt road and, just below the saddle, you'll be rewarded with a marvellous view of the north-east part of the Ljubljana Basin with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background . The road quickly descends to Dolinar Homestead in Završje where a pond is located on the right, and then it shortly ascends to the first houses in Podmolnik.

Podmolnik is quite a scattered settlement. The main part of the village lies below the Marenček Hill on your right . Before you enter Podmolnik, the road sharply turns to the left, so you have to be extra careful. The road descends to the Podmolnik Valley below the Zadvorski hrib Hill . The Breska Stream which springs below Orle, flows along the valley. You've reached the valley now and the road that runs along the forest will take you to Žabja vas.

Trim Trail
Just before Žabja vas, there is Brunarica Zadvor Log Cabin on the left side of the forest, where you can have a snack. The start of Zadvor Trim Trail is at Brunarica and it runs along the ridge of Zadvorski hrib. The trim trail is not fully maintained, but the stations are nevertheless well equipped to perform all the prescribed exercises. Would you like to try? Easily, just leave your bike at Brunarica and run up the hill.

Flat section with the finishing slope
From Žabja vas cycle straight on Cesta 13. julija Road, cross Cesta druge grupe odredov Road which leads to Sostro and turn left towards Ljubljana in Zadvor at Litijska Road. At the crossroads with Cesta druge grupe odredov Road turn sharply left back to Sostro and then turn right to Cesta na Urh Road at the signpost for Sv. Urh. When you ascend through the tree-lined alley to Urh, take a quick look at a first turn and observe the marvellous Konjščica Valley before cycling uphill in the finishing sprint, using your last strengths and proceed to the car park where you've started.

So, young eagles, who is up for another round or two?

Sv. Urh ,
Sveti Urh is a small hill above Dobrunje. It got its name after the Church of St. Ulrich which has been located at the summit already in the Middle Ages. Sv. Urh is one of the most tragic memorial sites from the period of National Liberation War in Slovenia. During World War II, a village guards' stop was located there, then the members of the Home Guard took it over. The members of National Liberation Army and Liberation Front activists were tortured in the basement of the sexton's house. A memorial park is arranged at Urh, the architectural design is the work of architect Boris Kobe. The monument was erected in 1955 and is the work of academic sculptors Zdenko Kalin and Karl Putrih and symbolises the suffering of the rebellious people during National Liberation War and their rising after the liberation. Above the large tomb of the victims, shaped in a circle with circumference of 20 metres, a stone ashlar with cut corners rises up. There are groups of figures in the niches and represent the hostages, refugees and injured partisans. Bronze figures, which represent all social classes at the welcome of liberators, stand above the white rock ashlar.

Orle is a roadside village which changes into a clustered settlement in certain places. Orle is famous far and wide for its cherry plantations, which are being regularly renewed. Before Palm Sunday, many villagers weave traditional Easter bundles from painted wooden shavings which are a very popular buy by the citizens of Ljubljana. The village is also known for the final battles of World War II between the German occupying forces and Slovenian Partisan Army which took place in the vicinity of the village in the beginning of May in 1945. The monument placed below the village reminds of these events.

Pri Mihelnu Tourist Farm, Škofljica, Orle 25
The farm offers pork sausages and meat products, stews and other home-made food.

Brunarica Zadvor Log Cabin, Cesta 13. julija 86, Ljubljana Dobrunje .
They offer drinks and fast food (sandwiches, pizzas).

Molnik race
Traditional Molnik race is held every year in April in the valley of Konjščica. Routes have different lengths and are suitable for people of all ages.

Sports Day in Sostro District Community
Sports enthusiasts who cycle, hike, bowl, play football or basketball, etc., gather annually in the beginning of October at Sports Day at Brunarica Zadvor in Žabja vas. At the end of the day, everyone enjoys roasted chestnuts and roast potatoes.

Zadvor Trim Trail
There is an arranged trim trail behind Brunarica Zadvor and is one of the oldest preserved trails from the times of trim enthusiast Mito Trefalt. The trim trail is suitable for developing perseverance and strength, while you can also do some stretching exercises. It is an ideal combination of healthy recreation in nature. The trim trail is also a starting point for a hike towards Urh and Orle.